A figure from El Nueve confirmed the end date of José María Listorti’s program

José María Listorti

“Must See” is one of the historic programs of The nine. Is that after four seasons on the air, the program hosted by Jose Maria Listorti Y Denise Dumas became an icon of the channel. Despite the prestige that the series of shows gained, the channel authorities decided to put an end to it soon. In the midst of that puzzling panorama, a figure from El Nueve confirmed the end date of Listorti’s program.

“Paula Trapani confirms the end of #HayQueVer for June 18,” journalist Pablo Montagna said in the last hours on Twitter, saying that José María Listorti’s program has an expiration date in El Nueve. Although it was confirmed that the comedian will remain linked to the channel, Denise Dumas and Paula Trapani will be without work. Undoubtedly, no one imagined this sudden denouement of the historic show program.

Recently, Montagna himself gave more details about what will be the new program of José María Listorti in El Nueve: «#ClinkCaja returns to @ canal9oficial. Since June, from Monday to Friday from 4 to 5:30 p.m. with @SoyListorti in the conduction and produced by @laflia_ok. Clink Caja could have a weekend version with celebrities as participants, “he said. For now, the comedian will drive alone after the exits of Denise Dumas and Paula Trapani.

A few days ago, Listorti was at the center of the controversy after recording a humorous video with her partner Mónica Listorti, which was highly criticized by Julieta Díaz: «Bad taste. No sensitivity. No listening. And old. Old. Nothing in humor. Bad taste and old. To his partner: sister, here we are if you need an ear to reflect, “said the actress, notably upset with the content of the video in question.

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After Díaz’s sayings went viral, Mónica Listorti went out to cross her: «Hello, I am José María Listorti’s partner. Since you offered me your ear, I hope you listen to me. First I want to tell you that José is an excellent person. We had a lot of fun making these videos. Thinking them, acting them. And the truth is I do not understand why they do this analysis. It’s humor. It’s fiction, “said the comedian’s partner, defending him tooth and nail.

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