After the call for an oral trial for Sebastián Villa, Boca made a bombshell decision, is there no turn back?

After the call for an oral trial for Sebastián Villa, Boca made a bombshell decision, is there no turn back?

In the middle of last year Sebastian Villa received a complaint from Daniela Cuts, her ex-partner, due to gender violence, a cause which followed its course and it seemed that little by little it was beginning to cool down. However, from one moment to another the Argentine justice decided to take the player to oral proceedings, which ended up being a bombshell. Now the footballer is in Colombia on vacation, while in Boca They seem to have made up their minds.

When this situation became known, the leadership of the Xeneize He made the decision to separate the attacker, although he later ended up returning to office with the argument that they could not prevent him from working without a firm conviction. But the fact is that now everything ended up advancing to an important instance, and to top it all Fernando Mocking, the complainant’s lawyer, launched a forceful phrase about the future of the player.

Villa You can easily end up in prison, you can have a bad time. He didn’t have a good time during this whole process, either. Because these situations greatly afflict the people who are accused. The first and only victim is the woman, in this case Daniela. But then, as the process progresses, there are countless situations that alter the lives of the people involved, “he said on Fútbol Sin Manchas, a Channel 26 program.

Based on all this, in Boca they made a decision. The idea is to get rid of Villa in this pass market, even in a lower amount than intended if an offer ends up arriving. Internally they feel that it is time to “get rid of the problem” and that the only way is to free the footballer, not only for issues that may affect sports, but also for what has to do with the image of the institution.

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At the moment there is nothing concrete, and to top it all Villa was not cited by Selection Colombia for the America’s Cup, what they hoped would serve as a showcase in the market. In the past, the interests of the Brazilian market and European football were discussed, specifically with a survey by the Benfica from Portugal. In any case, the chance that he will go to live abroad must also be approved by the Argentine courts.

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