Amazon investigates allegations of gender bias on its Prime team following Insider reports

Amazon opened an investigation into its Prime team following internal complaints about gender bias and a hostile work culture for women.

The investigation – which coincided with Insider report last week– suggests that Amazon took the allegations seriously. The company’s Employee Relations Central Investigations unit told one of the Prime employees who filed a complaint that was taking over the case, according to an email seen by Insider. In fact, the team asked the person to provide additional information about the problem.

“We appreciate your telling us about these concerns and we take them seriously,” the email read. “Your concerns will be investigated as appropriate.” An Amazon spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment.

Last week, Insider reported about what some employees called an aggressive leadership culture. This one is male-dominated within Amazon’s Prime unit. Current and former employees described meetings in which male leaders used aggressive language toward women.

They also said that women received fewer promotions than men. And recent internal company data showed that only four of 41 senior leaders under Jamil Ghani, Prime’s vice president, are women.

Amazon investigates allegations of discrimination against women on Prime

When contacted earlier this month for comment, a spokesperson for Amazon He said the allegations did not reflect the culture of Amazon or the Prime team.

“We have worked hard to foster a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture in which all employees feel supported and successful within the Prime organization,” the spokesperson said. He added that the group was aiming to double the number of women in leadership positions by 2021.

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But those allegations are the latest in a series of public remarks about Amazon’s work culture.

For example, in May, five current and former employees they sued Amazon. They alleged “abusive mistreatment by mainly white male managers.” In February, Charlotte Newman, manager of Black Amazon, filed a lawsuit for gender discrimination and sexual harassment. And last year, a high-profile engineer asked the company to fix what she said was a “culture of bullying.” Insider previously reported.

An Amazon spokesperson said the company investigated the cases; but he found no evidence to support the allegations. And that it did not tolerate discrimination or harassment.

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