Amboy Man Accused of Repeated Sexual Assaults of Young Girl

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(Amboy, MN) – A 19-year-old man from Amboy stands accused of sexually assaulting a young girl on a regular basis for years.

Cameron Lee Forbrook is charged in Nicollet County District Court with three felony counts of criminal sexual conduct.

The victim, now age 14, says Forbrook began forcing her to perform oral sex on him around four years prior when she was living in the city of Nicollet; and she says that continued after she moved to Martin County about three years ago.

Police say when Forbrook was interviewed last week, he admitted doing “sh*t that he shouldn’t have done.” He said he made the victim perform oral sex on him about once a month up until last summer.

Also charged with criminal sexual conduct in Nicollet County this week was a 38-year-old man from North Mankato.

Phillip Lee Hendrickson allegedly touched an eight-year-old girl in the chest and genital areas one night last month – and then told her not to tell her mother.

The girl did tell her mom and when confronted about the sexual contact, Hendrickson allegedly said he’s stop drinking so it wouldn’t happen again.

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