Anonymous Mankato Police Source: Blinker Usage Actually Law, Not Just Suggestion

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(Mankato, MN) – Following a six-month undercover investigation by Southern Minnesota Today, it’s now been confirmed that the usage of a vehicle’s blinker while making a turn or changing lanes on area roadways is actually a law, not just a suggestion.

That claim coming from an anonymous source within the law enforcement community in Greater Mankato with access to classified documents.

“With today’s technological advances, most vehicles now come with some type of lighting on the front and back corners, which can be activated with a switch in the interior of the car. That sets off a flashing motion to indicate to other drivers in the vicinity a motorist’s intentions,” said the high ranking official who refused to be named.

Rumors have also been circulating locally that on four-lane roads, like Highway 14, the left lane is reserved for faster moving traffic and passing, and that drivers using the left lane should yield to traffic wishing to overtake.

When questioned about the “fast lane” speculation, the confidential informant stayed tight-lipped, fearing for his/her safety should the truth be revealed. 

(Happy April 1st. This article is a part of an occasional series of attempted satire by SMT)

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