Another Winter Storm Approaches, but April Will Go Out Like a Lamb

Fairfield Mankato Leader

(Mankato, MN) – While it may “literally feel like January 74th,” warmer weather is on the way, although not before some bitter cold and another major winter storm.

The average high for Mankato for April 6th is 53 degrees, but the predicted high today is only expected to be around 20. To add insult to injury, another major winter storm is expected to hit Sunday, with plenty of new snow.

But that snow could be the last hurrah for Old Man Winter. Temperatures in southern Minnesota will gradually start to warm and by the end of next week, highs should be in the 50s and we could even hit 60 degrees by April 20th and end the month with the mercury hitting 70.

So it appears the old saying is right about “coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb,” although it’s supposed to be March, not April.

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Snow map via National Weather Service. Mankato temperature graph via

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