Bad Bunny surprises singing in Japanese on the single “Yonaguni”

The Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny premiered the song today Yonaguni, a song he wrote three weeks ago, as revealed in an interview with Apple Music.

In less than 16 hours, the official video exceeds 9 million views on YouTube.

Tell me where you are ‘, that I take a flight for you, and Yonaguni will arrive”Says part of the lyrics, which the artist himself was in charge of. But the biggest surprise is in the last part of the single, in which the urban exponent sings in Japanese. For video, it even becomes anime.

The name of the single refers to a small island in Japan.

In the interview with Apple Music, the urban interpreter described that the single “has a soft dance touch.” “It is a balance that people will accept. It’s what people want. But that is the idea, to have a balance, and to give people what they want to hear, from the pure fire of the street, but also the calm, the lilting rhythm to dance and enjoy the summer ”, he shared.

Yonaguni is available on all music platforms.

On May 28 he presented the song 100 million, together with his compatriot and colleague Luar La L.

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