PICS: Bear Spotted Dumpster Diving in Rural Springfield

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(Springfield, MN) – The latest bear sighting in southern Minnesota comes from rural Springfield and this time, there are pictures to go along.

Cecily Eichhorn says the black bear was in her yard (about a mile and a half south of Springfield) and “wanted to eat out of our dumpster.”

While not looking for a meal in the dumpster, Eichhorn says the bear was looking for a nice spot under a tree to lay down.

This is the first time that someone’s been able to get photos among the many bear sightings in south central Minnesota over the last six weeks, including near Mankato, Amboy, Courtland, Sleepy Eye, Lake Crystal, Kilkenny and Windom.

In southeast Minnesota, there have also been numerous bear sightings and one has been caught on camera there as well, wandering around the town of Red Wing.

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Photos via Cecily Anne & Red Wing Police/Facebook.

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