Blue Earth County Taxpayers on Hook for $222,000 in Detox Costs

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(Mankato, MN) – Taxpayers in Blue Earth County had to pony up nearly a quarter million dollars last year to take care of the highly intoxicated.

The total cost for detox services in 2017 was $390,000. Of that, payments were received by individuals and insurance for $167,000, leaving Blue Earth County taxpayers on the hook for $223,000 for detox services.

The local college population and Mankato being a regional hub for retail, dining and bars has been cited for the high rate of detox utilization.

In 2016, the total expenditures for detoxification services was more than $450,000, with the net cost to Blue Earth County taxpayers of nearly $300,000 after subtracting the funds collected through insurance companies and the individuals involved.

Mankato/North Mankato was ranked as the 11th drunkest city in the nation in 2017, slightly sobered up from the 10th place ranking the year prior.

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