Bricelyn Man Secretly Took Videos/Pics of Young Girls Butts at Mankato Store, Say Charges

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(Mankato, MN) – A 40-year-old man from Bricelyn stands accused of recording the backsides of young girls who were shopping at the Scheels store in Mankato.

David Arnold Masters is charged with disorderly conduct. He’s due to make his first court appearance next month.

Court documents say that on January 15th loss prevention staff at Scheels noticed Masters following two young females, ages 13 and 14. As he did, Masters allegedly took out his cell phone and recorded a video/took photos of their buttocks on two different occasions.

Staff confronted Masters and took him to the loss prevention office, where he deleted several videos/pictures from his phone. Police were called and say that Masters told them that he “learned his lesson” and will “never do anything like this again.”

However, this apparently was not the first time he’s taken secret butt pics of shoppers.

Staff at Scheels say that Masters was also spotted last December following young females and appeared to be taking videos or pictures of a woman’s butt. In that case, Masters exited the store before he could be detained and his identity at the time was unknown.

Masters is not allowed at the Mankato Scheels for the next year.

The parents of the young girls were notified of the incident.

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