Brown County Detox Worker Accused of Sexual Harassment

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(New Ulm, MN) – Authorities are investigating an alleged case of sexual harassment by a worker at the Brown County Evaluation Center Detox and it could lead to criminal charges against him.

According to investigative files obtained by SMT, the director of the facility contacted New Ulm police last week after an employee reported being sexually harassed by a supervisor.

The employee claims that includes one occasion in January, where he called her into a supply room and when she entered, the supervisor was there with his pants and underwear down, exposing his erect penis. He then allegedly made sexual advances, which the woman refused.

The woman told police that during the incident, she noticed that the supervisor had a mole just above his penis. So on Wednesday, police took 4 photographs of the man’s groin area, to determine if there is a mole as the woman described.

In addition, police have now interviewed several other workers at the Brown County Detox, including one other female staffer who says that the supervisor in question has sexually harassed her for years.

Since charges have not been filed, SMT is withholding the name of the accused.

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