Canadian Pacific Charged Criminally, Blocked Waseca Streets Too Long

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(Waseca, MN) – Canadian Pacific in Waseca has been charged criminally for allegedly blocking streets in town for way too long.

CP is set to be arraigned on the misdemeanor charge of “blocking a crossing for more than 10 minutes” on May 15th.

According to the complaint, police were called on December 12, 2017, by a person reporting that a train had blocked the crossing at 4th Street SW for more than 20 minutes.

The responding officer drove to the area and noted that the stationary train had basically blocked off the entire southwest quadrant of Waseca. The officer used an underpass to get to the railroad yard, where there were two CP workers. The officer says he asked if they knew about the blockage and they said “no,” then later said there was an emergency, but they didn’t know what it was and directed him to call someone.

The unknown “emergency” was eventually resolved and the train started moving again, after having blocked off the crossings for about 50 minutes.

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