Charges: Mankato Boy Beat by Mother’s Boyfriend, While Walking to School

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(Mankato, MN) – A 28-year-old Mankato man is accused of assaulting the child of his girlfriend, while the boy was walking to school.

Wayne Scott Ayers Jr. is charged with two felony counts of domestic assault, along with malicious punishment of a child.

Court documents say that Ayers and the boy had an argument on the morning of March 26th, and Ayers slammed the boy against his car and told him he had to walk to school.

The boy and his older sister then started walking, but Ayers allegedly ran after the boy and tackled him into a snowbank.¬† An independent witness says Ayers then started “wailing” on the boy, hitting and punching him.

The sister was able to get Ayers off of her brother and the two then ran to school. The witness followed in her car and told the principal that she was crying when she saw the boy getting hit because “he was just a kid.”

Police say Ayers was recently paroled from prison and is living with the boy, his two siblings and their mother.

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