Charges: Mankato East Student Brings Knives to School “Cross Me, I’ll Scalp Them”

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(Mankato, MN) – A 16-year-old student at Mankato East High School stands accused of bringing two switch-blade type knives to school.

Nathan Joseph Schiffman of Madison Lake is charged with two felony counts of possessing dangerous weapons on school property.

According to the complaint, Schiffman was found with the knives on January 30th. A school official says Schiffman said he had them because “I don’t trust anyone here; and if anyone wants to start something, I will fillet them.”

Another witness says Schiffman said that if anybody crosses him, he’d “scalp them or skin them.”

Police say Schiffman told them that he brought the knives unintentionally, having forgotten that he had them in his pocket. He also said he didn’t bring them to school to hurt anyone.

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