Charges: Mankato Man Kicks Dog That Was Defending Domestic Assault Victim

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(Mankato, MN) – A 36-year-old man from Mankato has now been charged with domestic assault and disorderly conduct-fighting for allegedly attacking his ex.

According to the complaint, Joshua Robert Coopman went to a residence in Mankato on February 21st and was pounding on the back door. The victim opened the door and Coopman rushed in and allegedly struck the victim multiple times in the head.

The two men then got into a verbal altercation and during the argument a dog belonging to a witness at the residence bit Coopman, who then kicked the dog. Police were called and Coopman left.

Police say during questioning, Coopman admitted to hitting the victim 12 to 16 times, but also said that he was struck in the face by the witness. Police say they saw no scratches, reddening or bruises to substantiate that.

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Photo via Pixabay.

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