Charges: Mankato/Waseca Man Threatens to Slit Throat of Ex

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(Mankato, MN) – A warrant has been issued for the arrest of a Mankato/Waseca man who allegedly threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend, who has an active restraining order against him.

Kassius Efange is charged with a felony count of terroristic threats, along with one count of stalking.

According to the complaint, Efange created a Facebook account that included pictures of himself and his ex, but under the fake name “James Brown.” He then used that profile to threaten to kill his ex and she is afraid for her life.

The posts had statements that included “it also only takes one moment to kill” and “you still have your head right, not severed off yet.”

Efange also allegedly sent messages to others on Facebook, saying he wants to burn his ex’s face with a torch, cut off her fingers and toes and that he’ll kill her on site the next time he sees her.

Police say Efange also wrote “Just know bitch I’m always and forever coming for you. Til the day I die, that is all I want to accomplish.”

Police tried to locate Efange in Waseca and Mankato, but he’s apparently out of state right now. Officers say they were able to contact him by phone, but he denied setting up the Facebook account and claimed it may’ve been done by his ex, to get him in trouble.

Efange also told police he knew nothing about the restraining order against him.

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