Commotion in El Trece after a figure from Carina Zampini’s program tested positive for coronavirus

Carina Zampini

«The Grand Prize of the kitchen» does not win to disappointment. It is that in addition to the weak rating that the beginning of season number 12 has been carrying, One of the figures of the gastronomic reality show hosted by Carina Zampini tested positive for coronavirus during the last hours. This is Daniel, who is one of the most beloved participants due to his skills when it comes to cooking in the culinary program of The thirteen. Undoubtedly, the news generated a commotion in the channel.

«Welcome Florence to the green team. Flor is in replacement of Dani, who tested positive for coronavirus. It is isolated of course. So Dani we send you many kisses, that you get well soon. Flor will be accompanying us until Dani recovers and can rejoin the competition, “said Carina Zampini during yesterday’s program, giving the bad news for fans of” The Grand Prix of the kitchen. ” According to reports, Daniel is in perfect health.

It should be noted that Covid-19 had the program in suspense a few days ago after the Mauricio Asta jury tested positive. The driver even had to swab herself: «Hello! Very good days! How are they? Thanks for your messages! Today we resume recordings in @GPCocina after testing negatives of COVID. Many kisses to all and pampering the Soul! “, Said Carina Zampini at that time, who fortunately did not contract the disease. Undoubtedly, the program was hit hard by the pandemic.

Thinking about the development of the competition, Griselda was the last eliminated from the program: «Well, Gri, it’s really a shame. Sometimes it depends a lot on the personalities, and how long they take to adapt, to feel safe, and to be able to show the talent that they have in the kitchen, because everyone who entered this season is very talented. So let’s hope you had a nice experience here, “said Carina Zampini, comforting her.

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«You watched the competition from your home and you wanted to be here. And the fact of having been and having shared, is a lot. Stay with that, which is how cute you get, and I imagine many of the people you met, too, “added Zampini. To which Griselda replied: “Yes, and I ask you to send a greeting to Lorena, a friend of mine from Paraguay,” said the new eliminated participant, who quickly said goodbye to the culinary program of El Trece.

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