Couple Charged With Counterfeiting in New Ulm

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(New Ulm, MN) – A husband and wife have been charged for allegedly passing counterfeit cash in New Ulm.

Both 30-year-old Miranda (Hein) Staudinger and 36-year-old Shawn Staudinger are due in court later this month.

The criminal complaint says there was $80 in fake $20s among a cash deposit the two made at South Point Financial Credit Union earlier this year.

Police say Miranda Staudinger told them she had no knowledge of the counterfeit cash and the money they deposited was earned working odd jobs around New Ulm that day. When asked if any of the jobs paid $80 or more, police say she told them no.

This is the second case of counterfeiting to be filed in Brown County District Court in the last month. In the other, Benjamin Meier was charged with passing fake $100 bills at a couple New Ulm bars.

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