DHS: Health Care Worker Falls in Love with Patient at St. Peter Security Hospital

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(St. Peter, MN) – An investigation by the Minnesota Department of Human Services has determined maltreatment by a former health care worker at the St. Peter Security Hospital.

DHS says the worker had a “non-therapeutic” relationship with a vulnerable adult (VA) at the facility who has schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders.

The investigation says there was not evidence of a sexual relationship, but the health care worker had sent the VA emails that said things like “miss you” and “love you.”  The worker also allegedly sent the VA money and gift cards as recently as November of 2017.

The worker, who is no longer employed at the Security Hospital, has denied sending money or gifts and did not “recall” sending emails. Despite the determination of maltreatment, the health care worker has not been disqualified from providing direct care services.

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