DHS Revokes Mankato Child Care License, Citing Controlled Substance Use

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(Mankato, MN) – The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) has now fully revoked the child care license of a Mankato child care, citing multiple violations.

The revocation comes after the license of Rebecca and Donald Allen was initially suspended in January of 2017. That suspension came after an incident in which the DHS says that Rebecca Allen’s use of “a controlled substance was apparent during the hours children were in care and had a negative effect on her ability to provide care.”

The report says Rebecca and Donald also subjected children to emotional abuse when they “yelled and screamed at each other in the presence of children in care” and because Donald “failed to provide required supervision when on multiple occasions he was sleeping while children were in care.”

According to the revocation, Donald moved out of the home at 20 Mayfair Circle after the January incident and Rebecca has informed Blue Earth County that she no longer intends to provide family child care.

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