Do you want to be a streamer? These are the cheap accessories you need

Maybe in your quest to earn income through the internet you have thought about the possibility of opening your own Twitch channel and starting to broadcast live to get the attention of the viewers of the service. Well, in addition to talent, you need many accessories with which to improve your broadcast, so we are going to review those that could help you in your task.

What do I need to stream?

Live broadcasts can be very complex, but first you will need to define what type of broadcast you want to do. You can simply speak into a microphone and show what you have on the screen, or you can show yourself to the public with a webcam and chat about life, or also comment live on what you are playing from your console. The scenarios can be many, so depending on that you may need more or less accessories.

Microphone Photo Microphone:

The key element, whatever you do, will be to have a microphone to be able to speak live. This Seasky proposal is very economical and works through a 3.5 mm connector. It has a built-in tripod and is a condenser microphone, which will be great for speaking into the mic.

Buy it for $ 224.85 pesos at

Webcam 1080pWebcam 1080p. Foto:

This MTQ model will allow you to show yourself in front of your audience with Full HD image quality at 30 images per second. You just have to connect it to a USB port to start using it immediately.

Buy it for $ 249 pesos at

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Capturadora HDMICapturadora HDMI. Foto:

This capturer will allow you to receive the image from your console to take it to live editing programs such as OSB. Thanks to this device you will be able to record the games of your console on the computer and even broadcast the image live. It is not a model that allows 4K resolution or 1080 at 60 images per second, but it will get you out of a bind.

Buy it for $ 199 pesos at

Green chroma background Green chroma background. Photo:

Do you want to maintain some privacy and that your viewers do not see what you have behind you? This green screen will serve to hide your room and show any type of digital background that you configure from the broadcast program. It is a very practical effect that will allow you to maintain your privacy in case you do not want to show beyond your body and your face.

Buy it for $ 870 pesos at

Ring of light Ring of light. Photo:

To achieve an excellent image with the webcam it is important to have good lighting, and if we do not have a front window or we are going to broadcast mainly at night, the solution is to use a light ring. This Cxy model is very compact and can be placed on any screen thanks to its grip clip, and with the help of its 72 integrated LEDs we can choose different shades of white and perfectly illuminate our face.

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