Hy-Vee Flips Flops on Farmers’ Market: But Too Little, Too Late

Fairfield Mankato Leader

(Mankato, MN) – After apparently getting some heat from higher ups, the downtown Hy-Vee has again flip-flopped on whether to host a second location for the Mankato Farmers’ Market this year, but the grocer’s decision is now too little, too late.

In December, it was announced that the market had a contract with Hy-Vee on Riverfront Drive to host the market Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. But last week, leadership of the Mankato Farmers’ Market announced that Hy-Vee had rescinded the offer due to a “change in management.”

Now, published reports say that downtown Hy-Vee management has reversed course again and agreed to honor the contract, reportedly backtracking after corporate found out that it had broken the earlier deal.

But the Mankato Farmers’ Market tells SMT that they’ve had no new talks with Hy-Vee and that all Market days this year will be at Best Buy.

The Mankato Farmers’ Market will be open Saturday mornings from 8:00 to noon, starting on May 5th. That will expand to include Tuesdays & Thursdays from 3:30-6:00 pm, starting in June.

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