“I fluctuate a lot with …” Selena Gomez’s revelations about her body

Like most famous women, Selena Gomez he has been a victim of bullying due to changes in his body on many occasions. So he took the opportunity to touch on the subject in an interview he had with Vogue. In this, the singer had to talk about her 15 favorite looks of her entire career, and mentioned the topic of beauty stereotypes.

The American actress and singer has gone through many changes in her body since she was a celebrity, which is logical because she has grown over the years. This taking into account that it has been recognized worldwide for more than thirteen years. Therefore, when she had to choose her favorite outfits, she was challenged by how she felt about her body on some occasions.

When talking about a photo of the with Gala, When she wore a long white dress in 2015, she stated that at the time she had a hard time feeling confident. “I fluctuate a lot with my weight. I remember that that night specifically I did not feel good with my body “, declared Selena Gomez. In addition, he said that he even had the possibility of creating that custom dress.

He also clarified that this garment was designed in conjunction with Vera Wang: “I think we came together and built something really beautiful and it fit me very well. At that moment I thought that I no longer had to expect to have the same shape as at 19 years old, because that was not my age ”. Then he said that something similar happened to him with a look he used for the premiere of “The Dead Don’t Die“.

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Selena Gomez told Vogue readers that this was also a time in her life where she was insecure about her weight. “I’m very honest with the people on my team, so I didn’t want to wear anything tight,” added the singer. So she chose a black strapples dress, with fringed sleeves in the same color. “I felt so beautiful,” she added.

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