Johnson & Johnson will Pay a Fine for Carcinogenic Talc

In this photo illustration, a container of Johnson baby powder made by Johnson and Johnson sits on a table on October 18, 2019 in San Anselmo, California.

The Supreme Court of the United States, this Tuesday, June 1, ratified the conviction of the Johnson & Johnson company for selling talcum powder containing carcinogenic products. The fine will be for a sum of money of $ 2.100 million dollars for damages caused to its consumers.

The manufacturer of hygiene products received thousands of complaints in recent years from people who denounced the sale of talcum powder that contained asbestos and caused ovarian cancer. Johnson & Johnson always denied those allegations, however, in 2018 a jury sentenced them to pay $ 4.4 billion for 22 lawsuits for damages.

After years of lawsuits, the US Supreme Court confirms the fine of more than 2,000 million dollars to Johnson & Johnson. According to the Justice, the company “knowingly sold products that contained asbestos” and that ended up causing cancer to 22 women

– THE COUNTRY (@el_pais) June 2, 2021

By 2020, the Missouri Court said that J&J exposed consumers to asbestos for several decades “without regard for the health and safety of others,” causing “great physical, mental, and emotional distress” in They, however, reduced the amount of compensation to the plaintiffs, considering that some had no ties to the State and therefore should not have been included in the trial.

It should be noted that Johnson & Johnson filed an appeal before a Missouri Supreme Court, which refused to study the case, and then to the highest court in the country, which did the same on Tuesday, announcing in a publication, according to the newspaper. El Heraldo, who declined to review the appeal. Without going into details, as usual, he pointed out that Justices Samuel Alito and Brett Kavanaugh decided to refrain from considering the case.

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But CNN, argued that these officials likely abstained from participating in the review of the case because Alito had shares in the company and Kavanaugh’s father worked with a trade association linked to the Johnson & Johnson company. With this decision, years of litigation are finally put to an end with a ruling that could have repercussions in the face of other class action lawsuits.

Meanwhile, the main defense attorney for the group of women plaintiffs and their families, Mark Lanier, applauded the Supreme Court’s decision not to review the J&J case and said, quoted by local media, that it “sends a clear message to the rich and powerful.” .

Johnson & Johnson is being targeted for selling a talcum containing carcinogenic products and will have to pay $ 2.1 billion. 😐

– The Economist (@eleconomista) June 1, 2021

“This was a victory not only for the wonderful women and their families whom we were privileged to represent, but a victory for justice,” Lanier said in statements quoted by CNN. “This result is exactly what separates the United States from the rest of the world. This decision sends a clear message to the rich and powerful: you will be held to account when you cause serious harm under our equal justice system under the law. ”

It should be noted that the attorneys during the trial presented internal memoranda that demonstrated that J&J had discussed the presence of asbestos in its talcum products for several decades. The plaintiffs told the appeals court that J&J “knew about the danger of asbestos,” tried to discredit scientists who published unfavorable studies on J&J products, and decided not to switch from talcum powder to cornstarch because it was expensive according to CNN.

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Similarly, in 2018, a Reuters investigation found that baby powders and some powders made by Johnson & Johnson tested positive for asbestos or asbestos, and that the company ignored these findings. On the contrary, their doctors, lawyers and executives were annoyed with expert reports, never alerting consumers or regulators to the risk of the product.

They add that as early as the years between 1972 and 1975, three tests done in as many laboratories found asbestos in its talc, and in one case the levels were “quite high,” he reported. Infobae.

BREAKING: Johnson & Johnson must pay a $2.1 billion award to women who claimed its baby powder was contaminated with asbestos

— Bloomberg (@business) June 1, 2021

Baby powder

Quoting CNN in SpanishIn May 2020, J&J announced that it would stop shipping talc-based baby powder to the United States and Canada. The company had said at the time that it had reassessed its products in light of the novel coronavirus in March and stopped shipping hundreds of items, including talc-based powder, so it could prioritize its high-demand products. The company’s cornstarch-based powder still remains on the market.

The medium adds that some scientific studies have shown that women have an increased risk of ovarian cancer with the use of talc in the genital area, but others do not. Most studies suggest that more research is needed.

Finally, in response to the conviction, the same Tuesday Johnson & Johnson dijo that the court’s action “leaves unresolved important legal issues that state and federal courts will continue to face in matters related to due process rights and personal jurisdiction.”

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The company added: “The issues that were before the court are related to legal procedure and not security. Decades of independent scientific evaluations confirm that Johnson’s Baby Powder is safe, does not contain asbestos and does not cause cancer ”, according to CNBC.


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