Justin Bieber announced a special presentation

A little over a month ago the Canadian singer, Justin Bieber, announced his upcoming world tour. This is the presentation of his latest album “Justice”, which he named “Justice World Tour”. This has been announced for the beginning of next year, mainly in the United States, Canada, and some European countries. However, today he launched a new date where he will be playing live.

Through its feed e history of Instagram, Justin Bieber shared an image where he announces this new date. For this one, he used the same cover from his album, which is also the same one he chose for the tour. In this, he details that he will be playing next July 9 in Las Vegas. He also clarified that his tickets will be on sale from tomorrow at 10 in the morning.

Tickets can be obtained online, through the website “wynnlasvegas.com”. Weed It would be the name of the place where this special performance will take place. Considering its latest release, it is believed that Justin Bieber he will be playing most of the songs on “Justice”, as well as some classics that he always includes in his shows.

Without giving more details, the Canadian singer wrote in the caption: “See you in Vegas.” This publication did not have the impact that I expected, since it got almost 400,000 likes in four hours. Typically, the celebrity gets millions of “Likes” in that amount of time. But it did get a lot of comments, around 5,000 which is a usual figure for Justin.

This face-to-face concert will be Justin Bieber’s first official concert after more than a year without appearing in his own show, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking into account the demand of its fans, it is possible that the tickets are sold out the same day. This has to do with the lifting of restrictions in the United States, due to the great advance in the vaccination campaign.

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