Ketchup & Mustard Coming off Menu at Eagle Lake Park

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(Eagle Lake, MN) – A couple of long-time favorites at Lake Eagle Park in Eagle Lake will soon be sent out to pasture.

The red and yellow horse swings, known by locals as “Ketchup” and “Mustard” have been a staple since the park was established in 1978, but are being retired as new play equipment will be installed this year.

The news has led some to share fond memories and others to call on the city to “Save Ketchup and Mustard.” And there is already talk of putting them on display in the park or elsewhere to preserve them given their 40-year history.

Other play equipment at Lake Eagle Park will be replaced as well, with the new offerings to include:

Merry Go-All.  The Merry-Go-All is a fully accessible, forward-facing inclusive spinning event for up to 12 passengers (4 seated, 8 standing). It’s an inclusive merry go round. This merry go round playground equipment is fun for kids of all abilities.

Expression Swing.  The Expression Swing is designed to promote intergenerational play in which an adult and child interact face to face and eye to eye.

Zero-G Swing Chair.  Adding two Zero-G Chair swings to the playground will allow children who require additional support to swing alongside their friends. This creates an inclusive environment of play parity where everyone can join in the fun. The Zero-G Chair is geared for ages 2-5 and 5-12.

Belt Swing Seats.  Four Belt Swing Seats with anti-wrapping devices will be installed.

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