Le Center Pit Bull Attacks Little Mankato Dog, Owners Cited

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(Le Center, MN) – Two people from Le Center have been cited with a misdemeanor after their dog attacked another.

James Shaw was to be arraigned today, while Molly Shaw is scheduled for court in October.

According to the complaint, two girls were walking a Shih Tzu/Poodle mix on July 23rd when the Shaw’s Pit Bull came up and took the little dog in its mouth and began to shake it. Two men heard the commotion and ran over, and were able to stop the attack, one getting blood spattered on his shirt.

A potential dangerous dog noticed was served on the Shaws’ Pit Bull. They told police this was the first time it had ever acted in an aggressive manner.

The dog that was attacked belongs to a Mankato couple, but was being watched by a woman in Le Center at the time. It suffered a broken leg, puncture wounds to its neck and chest, and an eye injury.

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