Madelia Pit Bull Must Be Registered as Potentially Dangerous Dog

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(Madelia, MN) – Police in Madelia have ordered the owners of a Pit Bull to have it registered as a potentially dangerous dog after it attacked a Chihuahua.

According to court documents, the Chihuahua had meat/muscle showing after the attack on January 25th and needed stitches to close its wounds.

Cassandra Ann Uhde, 29, is charged with three misdemeanors for dog at large, dog not licensed and potentially dangerous dog. She’s due to make her first appearance in court on March 20th.

Police say Uhde told them that the Pit Bull is good with people, but has issues with other dogs and can become aggressive.

Uhde was in control of the animal at the time, but the complaint says its owner is Uhde’s mother-in-law Alison Lunz.

A letter has been sent to both Uhde and Lunz informing them that they are required to have the dog registered as potentially dangerous.

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