Madison Lake Home Raided, Man Suspected of Stealing from Former Employer

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(Mankato, MN) – Authorities recently raided a home in Madison Lake, looking for evidence of theft by a former employee at a Mankato clothing store.

During the execution of the search warrant, authorities took into evidence numerous items of clothing, suits, shoes and accessories, including some they found in the washer. Tax information was also taken.

Police files say that authorities were contacted by the owners of Graif Clothing earlier this year, reporting that they had evidence that a worker had been taking cash from their deposits for several years. The amount allegedly taken is estimated at over $5,600.

It’s also suspected that the worker stole up to $10,000 worth of clothing from Graif, for both himself and his wife. The documents say that the wife had photos on Facebook wearing some of the allegedly stolen outfits. The photos in question have since been deleted.

Authorities also note that other workers at Graif knew the man had been taking clothes from the store, but didn’t say anything because they thought that maybe he had an agreement to do so with the owners.

The man was fired in early February. Since then, Graif ownership says there have been no financial discrepancies at the store.

SMT is not naming the suspect at this time because formal charges have not yet been filed.

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