Madison Lake Police Chief Under Fire for Video Critical of Foreign Speaking Tourists

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(Madison Lake, MN) – The Chief of Police in Madison Lake is coming under fire for a video he made, which some say is racially charged.

According to a report from KEYC TV, the city received a tip about the video of Chief Dan Bunde, critical of the various languages of the tourists visiting Yellowstone National Park while he was vacationing there earlier this summer.

In the video he mentions all the languages being spoken and says it’s like “blah, blah, blah, blah” and “Wake up America.” The video has since been deleted from Bunde’s Facebook page, but not before KEYC was able to download a copy.

(VIDEO Via KEYC-Dan Bunde/Facebook)

KEYC says Bunde would not comment, while Madison Lake City Administrator Curt Kephart told KEYC that the city would not be pursuing the matter because it came from an anonymous complaint.

SMT reached out to Bunde and Kephart, but our messages have not been returned.

Online, Bunde is being called xenophobic, bigoted and racist by some, while others say they see nothing wrong with the video and people need to stop being offended by everything.

More than 4-million people from around the world visit Yellowstone National Park each year.

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Video used with permission from KEYC.

Knutson Leader Injury 2 New