Man Accused in Sexual Assault of Unconscious Woman in Hanska

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(New Ulm, MN) – Charges have been filed in Brown County District Court against a 36-year-old man who allegedly had sexual relations with an unconscious woman.

Joshua Kessler of Fairmont is accused of two felony counts of criminal sexual conduct.

According to the complaint, a woman in counseling recently came forward alleging that Kessler raped her after she had passed out from drinking on three different occasions in 2015 while they were in a relationship.

Two of the incident happened in Hanska, the other while they were on vacation up north. After they returned to Hanska from that vacation, she ended their relationship and kicked him out of her house.

The victim told authorities that she would be wearing pants and underwear when she went to bed, but they’d be off when she woke up. She also claims Kessler admitted to the sexual activity while she was unconscious.

Kessler says the charges are false, that the victim would get so drunk that she couldn’t recall what had happened the night before.

Kessler also claims the victim had been threatening to report him for rape allegations for years, and has come forward now because the two are in the middle of a court fight.

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