Man Knocked Out in Vernon Center Bar Fight, Lake Crystal Man Charged

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(Vernon Center, MN) – A 36-year-old man from Lake Crystal is facing a long list of charges after allegedly knocking another man unconscious.

Michael Johnson is facing seven counts in all for the assault and driving under the influence and not having an ignition interlock, as required from a previous DUI.

According to the complaint, Johnson and another man were drinking at a bar in Vernon Center on Saturday, March 31st. The two went outside to smoke and Johnson then allegedly punched the man repeatedly and knocked him unconscious. Johnson left the scene. The victim told responding police he didn’t know why he was assaulted.

As the victim was being treated, dispatch contacted Lake Crystal police to watch for Johnson coming home. When he drove into his garage, he was arrested. Police say  he smelled of alcohol and his speech was slurred.

Authorities also note that Johnson denied being at the Vernon Center bar, saying that he was at work that night, although he was wearing pajama pants and had blood on the back of his right hand.

Johnson’s criminal record includes several previous DUIs, two previous violence related convictions and a pending assault charge from February.

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Video courtesy of Megan Burrows.

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