Mankato Couples Strip Down at Minnesota’s Largest Nudist Club

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(Mankato, MN) – For a handful of residents from Mankato, the way they beat the summer heat is by taking it all off.

Among them is Anne, who’s been going to Minnesota’s largest nudist club for more than a decade and even got married there a few years back. With the ceremony, even the ordained minister was naked, except for the clerical collar around his neck.

Avatan is located on 40 acres of rolling woodland in East Bethel, about a half hour north of the Twin Cities. It currently has about 175 members.

Anne says Avatan is like many other campgrounds, with cabins and sites for RVs and tents, along with activities like dances, horseshoes, potlucks and water volleyball.

She also notes that it’s not about sex as some may think, but rather about having fun and doing so while being free from the restrictions of clothing. She also notes that Avatan is family friendly, and there are some members who bring their children.

Anne says her first visit there was a surprise planned by her husband, who told her where they were going about half-way through the drive. And while she panicked a little at the gate, it was a great experience and they’ve been going every summer ever since.

Anne says Avatan conducts tours for prospective members every weekend and most times the visitors “fall in love with it.”

Cameras are not allowed, nor is gawking.

Anne also notes that there’s another nudist resort called Oakwood that’s about 20 minutes away from Avatan. Anne says she goes there to play sand volleyball on a regular basis and yes, she gets sand in places where she’d rather not admit.

Those wanting more info or to schedule a tour at Avatan, can do so at this link.

Avatan is a member of the American Association of Nude Recreation and is the only nudist club listed on Minnesota’s official travel guide, Explore Minnesota.

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Photos via Avatan.

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