Mankato Man Threatens to Slow Cook Neighbor’s Dog, Say Charges

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(Mankato, MN) – A 39-year-old Mankato man stands accused of threatening to cook his neighbor’s dog.

Jason Hubbard is charged with two felony counts of stalking, along with one misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct.

According to the complaint, police responded to a home on Southhaven Drive on February 23rd, where a woman said her neighbor had threatened to kill her dog.

The woman said that when she got home that day, Hubbard told her that if she didn’t stop letting her dog defecate on his property, “I’ll kill your dog and cook it.” Witnesses told police that Hubbard said he was going to put the dog in a crock pot and slow cook it.

Police say when they interviewed Hubbard, he told them that the woman let her dog defecate in his yard all the time, but he claimed he never told her he would kill her dog. He told authorities that when he said he would put it in the crock pot, he meant that he would warm up the feces and put it on her steps.

A review of Hubbard’s criminal history reveals numerous convictions, including for domestic assault.

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