Mankato Meth Sales Suspected, Search Leads to Child Neglect Charges

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(Mankato, MN) – A 28-year-old Mankato woman is facing charges of child neglect and drug possession after a search of her residence by the Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force.

The search happened March 23rd after authorities received information that the residence of Natatia Shumski had a large of amount of short-term traffic and meth sales and use were suspected.

Police say a search of the residence turned up meth, needles, a digital scale, pills and glass pipes. According to the complaint, the needles and suspected meth were located in plain view and very accessible to the child.

Shumski’s address is listed on Louva Lane, which is in the Eastwood Manor Mobile Home Park. Another person living there was also charged following the complaints about short-term traffic and suspected drug use.

Aaaron John Honetshlager, age 35, is facing six felony counts for drug sales and possession.

Police say a search of Honetschlager’s residence on Teri Lane turned up cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, a digital scale, pills and various paraphernalia.

Some of the cocaine was allegedly found hidden in an animal urn.

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