Mankato Mom Has Chunk of Plastic Watch Her Kids

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(Mankato, MN) – With other, more pressing obligations, a Mankato mom has decided to do the next best thing: put a large chunk of plastic in charge of her kids’ safety.

Mandy Blenfelt stationed the green childlike figurine along the street outside her home Saturday morning. “It’s a beautiful day and my kids want to play outside, but I’ve got a ton of things to do,” said Blenfelt.

“I have three loads of laundry waiting, I’m gonna post some old jewelry on Mankato the Real Deal, and then there’s the second season of ’13 Reasons Why.’ I just pray that Hanna Baker and her family get justice.”

Blenfelt says while she could actually watch her kids herself or not let them play by the street without supervision, putting the figurine out will keep them safe by alerting motorists that they need to drive well under the legal speed limit in front of her house.

“I’ve seen a lot of people cruising through here at 25, 30 miles an hour, as if they didn’t even see the plastic replica of a child,” continued Blenfelt.

“But I’d like to thank those drivers who do heed the warning, like that guy in the black baseball cap and white van. In fact, he didn’t just slow down, but was actually nice enough to stop completely when he saw it.”

This story is part of an occasional series of attempted satire by SMT.

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Photos via SMT, & Pixabay.

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