Mankato’s “Little Free Liquor Store” Program: A Smashing Success

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(Mankato, MN) – Just a week since its launch, the latest grassroots effort on altruism in Mankato is being called a smashing success.

Wendell Manthees installed the city’s first-ever “Little Free Liquor Store” last Saturday near Washington Park and he’s been racing to keep it stocked ever since.

“I set it up as one of those little free libraries two years ago with 14 books and as of last week, all 14 were still there,” said Manthees. “No one wanted the damn things. Not even Shades of Grey was taken…and that can be a fun read when you’re a lonely, single guy.”

So Manthees decided to go with what he knows best, booze. “I filled it up with some of that Mad Butcher from the Mankato Brewery and after running errands for a half-hour, I came back and it was all gone.”

Since then Manthees has replenished the Little Free Liquor Store with whiskey, rum, wines, beers, hard cider and even Zima. “Now that crap sat in the box for nearly two days before someone grabbed it. I’m sure it did the trick for ’em, but they must have been at rock bottom,” said Manthees.

Some have expressed concerns about teens being able to access the alcohol, but Manthees says he did put up a little note that it’s only for those ages 21 and up, “so got my bases covered there.”

So far, the project has cost Manthees $376 for the beers and booze, and another $135 to have a new box built after four guys, all four sheets to the wind, smashed the old one while fighting over who got the pint of Patron.

*This story is part of an occasional series of attempted satire/humor by SMT.

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