Mentally Ill & Dangerous: Search Continues for Escaped St. Peter Patient

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(Fairmont, MN) – The search continues for a patient at the St. Peter State Hospital, who has now been on the lam for nearly a week.

Authorities say 50-year-old Phillip Horswell was on a weekend pass at a residence in rural Martin County when he disappeared last Sunday, September 23rd. Evidence shows he took his clothes and medicine and left the home – and then went to his residence in Dunnell and took off in his truck.

Horswell was committed to the St. Peter Regional Treatment Center as “mentally ill and dangerous” in 2010. This after he shot in the direction of police officers who responded to a disturbance at his residence, and was diagnosed with schizophrenia, paranoid type, with
polysubstance abuse.

The court also determined there was “a substantial likelihood that he would engage in future acts that were capable of inflicting serious physical harm to others.”

Horswell claimed he only fired the gun to test it for a broken pin.

In Horswell’s commitment as mentally ill and dangerous, the court also based its conclusion on previous findings that he treated his father in a threatening manner and drove around with a shotgun in his vehicle.

Anyone with possible information on Horswell’s whereabouts should contact the Martin County Sheriff’s Office at 507-238-4481.

Because he absconded while on the pass, Horswell is now facing a new criminal charge of felony escape.

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