Program Director at MSU: Chief Bunde An Embarrassment to Madison Lake

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(Madison Lake, MN) – The uproar continues as more and more people learn of the video made by Madison Lake Police Chief Dan Bunde and the city’s decision to do nothing.

In the video, Bunde mocks the various languages of the tourists visiting Yellowstone National Park, where he was on vacation.

The ACLU of Minnesota is now reportedly calling on the city to conduct an investigation into the matter, while a program director at MSU Mankato says Bunde is an embarrassment to Madison Lake in a letter to city leaders.

The full letter from Jessica Flatequal:

Mr. Kephart, Mayor Reichel, and Council Person Hiniker,

I have serious questions about the safety of immigrants and people of color in your community. The video that has surfaced of your police chief, Dan Bunde, disparaging tourists national origin and their diversity of language is not only an embarrassment to your town, but a dangerous sentiment to hear from someone who is there to protect all your citizens. Clearly, Madison Lake is not a safe or inclusive place to live or visit.

As a life long visitor to your town from my hometown of Mankato, and as a person who works in this region and on the MSU Campus in the field of diversity, access and inclusion, I have no intention to visit your community, or spend my money there until this matter is properly reviewed. I will also be sure to warn my friends, neighbors and community to not even drive through, what I thought was a quaint and beautiful small town.

How on earth Madison Lake leadership can make excuses for this behavior is beyond me? He should be removed from service immediately and his behavior properly disciplined. 

As Mr. Bunde says at the end of his rant, “wake up America.” Indeed, I would echo, Wake up Madison Lake.

Gravely concerned and embarrassed neighbor,
Jessica Flatequal
Minnesota State University, Mankato
Director of Gender and Sexuality Programs

On Wednesday, the City of Madison Lake released a statement saying it “has no control over what individuals post to their individual social media accounts. Individual posts do not speak for the City of Madison Lake. The City of Madison Lake will review and take appropriate action if action is deemed warranted.”

More than 4-million people from around the globe visit Yellowstone National Park each year.

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