New Mankato Food Truck Ready for the Road

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(Mankato, MN) – A new food truck is ready to hit the roads of Mankato.

The 507 Food Truck will make its debut at next week’s opening day of the Mankato food truck hub at 512 North Riverfront Drive.

Owner Steve Wegman says they plan to serve up a variety of offerings beyond the common, while “Keepin’ It Fresh & Local.” That’s expected to include lobster rolls, shrimp poorboys, philly cheese-steaks topped with mac and cheese, and gourmet hog dogs with toppings like green chilies and avocado. Homemade potato salad and sliders are also planned.

Wegman says they also intend to have the 507 Food Truck out in the mornings, with offerings like waffles and breakfast tacos and sandwiches. Mini-donuts may also make the menu…because Wegman himself loves mini-donuts (as he does lobster rolls).

Wegman says on top of their regular appearances at the Hub Food Park, the 507 Food Truck is scheduled for 20 Moondogs games, 35 dates at the Mankato Brewery and some events at the Chankaska Winery as well. Other stops are still in the works.

Wegman, who own’s Weggy’s on Campus, says he decided to venture in to the food truck world as a new challenge, giving local residents a fun eating experience with offerings that you normally can’t find around town.

The opening day of the season for the Hub Food Park is set for Friday, April 20th, from 11am to 10pm.

The opening will include a variety of food trucks, live music, a free movie showing and Snozzberries. (Thus our guess that the movie will be Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory).

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