No License, No Problem: Mankato Man Continues to Rack Up Tickets

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(Mankato, MN) – A 33-year-old Mankato man continues to get behind the wheel, despite not having a valid driver’s license for years.

Timothy Garth Hansen Jr. has now again been charged with driving after revocation, after being stopped around 4:00am on March 14th near Madison Avenue and Victory Drive. It’s the second such ticket for Hansen this year.

And while it’s just a traffic infraction, over his lifetime Hansen has now been charged or convicted more than 50 times for driving after suspension or revocation. That number will likely continue to grow as when he was stopped last August, police say he told them that he doesn’t plan to stop driving.

Police say during that stop he also threatened to “start burglarizing again” if officers continued to pull him over. A few months later, Hansen allegedly stole a $1,000 iPhone X from the AT&T store on Holly Lane in Mankato.

Police say when they contacted him about the theft, Hansen admitted to having the phone, but claimed that he had mistakenly put it in his pocket and was planning to return it.

Hansen’s criminal history includes multiple convictions for theft, receiving stolen property and assault, along with child endangerment and financial transaction card fraud.

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