North Mankato May Crack Down on Campers & Boats on City Streets

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(North Mankato, MN) – It’s said that “squeaky wheel gets the grease,” and in North Mankato some people have apparently been squawking about campers and boats on city streets.

At its meeting tonight, the North Mankato City Council will hold a public hearing on a proposed amendment to its ordinance which only allows vehicles to be parked in the same spot on a street for 24 hours – to also include boats, trailers, campers and recreational vehicles.

After tonight’s public hearing, a vote could be held at the council’s next meeting and if approved the change could start later this month. It would require boats, campers and trailers (and vehicles as is now the law) to be relocated a minimum of 100 feet from their original location after 24 continuous hours of no movement.

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Photo credit: grassrootsgroundswell/Flickr.

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