«Of the worst we had»: Alfredo Cornejo did not keep anything when talking about Alberto Fernández

«Of the worst we had»: Alfredo Cornejo did not keep anything when talking about Alberto Fernández

The national deputy of the opposition Alfredo Cornejo made strong statements in the last hours when referring to the national government and more specifically to the president Alberto Fernandez. In this sense, he pointed out that it is “one of the worst we have had” since democracy returned. In addition, he warned that the ruling party used the pandemic “as an excuse.”

“We have to expand and add new protagonists, renew ourselves so that Argentina has alternation, which is our objective,” he said. Alfredo Cornejo in dialogue with A24. «Argentina needs political balance and to build an alternation where people can have hope. This coalition has not been doing well, it has not obtained good results either in economic matters or in health matters, “he said.

On the other hand, he admitted that the PASO will be a positive moment for Together for Change. “Several of us were not very happy to postpone the elections, we finally accepted if the PASO were guaranteed, because if we have differences for our coalition, we can resolve them within that framework. It is key that there is internal competition in the province of Buenos Aires and show a majority breaking the hegemony of Kirchnerism, “he mentioned.

Referring to former President Mauricio Macri with whom he has had some differences in recent times, he highlighted after the meeting of the entire coalition: «It made no noise to me that Macri did not go, we do not know several of us because it was not, it was not Ritondo . We do not have any excess, we do not have to stop anyone. It is clear that there is no single figure that brings everyone together.

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«Macri has not acted badly up to now, he has played in order to keep together. We had the virtue of staying united, the main opposition coalition is united and Macri collaborated with that. I do not see him with a greater role in the future, “he closed on the ex-president. As for the national government, he remarked: “The pandemic serves as an excuse, but the truth is that their economic recipe is the same that without a pandemic led us to recession.”

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