Our View: WTH Happened to Good Customer Service?

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(Mankato, MN) – While some local outlets regularly tell you who to vote for – or how to feel about controversial issues, Southern Minnesota Today has always stayed away from offering our personal opinions…until today.

After several incidents over the past week, continuing a long-time trend, the SMT editorial board wants to know: What the heck has happened to good customer service?

SMT visited a restaurant in Mankato Sunday, arriving at 11pm. That was an hour before close, but staff made us immediately feel unwanted and rushed. If you don’t want customers at 11, then close at 11.

At a drug store on Madison Avenue Monday, the cashier didn’t say thanks and gave us our change of $44.67 in a lump of mixed bills and coins – and didn’t count it out or say how much. So now we had to go through the receipt and cash, and verify before leaving, because we don’t trust your math skills.

At a gas station in New Ulm and at a retailer in Mankato in recent weeks, we were made to feel like we were interrupting the cashiers when paying for our stuff. Hey ladies, sorry we’re spending money here, but we promise, you can post your selfie with duck lips as soon as we leave.

We get it. You’re making minimum wage and maybe going through some tough times with your significant other or some stressful life event and you don’t want to be at work – but do like the rest of us:

BOTTLE THOSE FEELINGS UP, deep inside, fake a smile, pretend you’re glad to be helping us – and then later when you’re home alone, yell at the walls, drink whiskey straight from the bottle and cry yourself to sleep.

Of course there are places in Mankato, New Ulm and across Southern Minnesota where you do feel welcomed and receive friendly and wonderful customer service every single time you walk in the door – and we applaud those workers and the businesses for making sure that’s a priority. We appreciate it very much.

Thank you.

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