Patricia Bullrich surprised and charged against “Pepín” Rodríguez Simón: what did he say?

Patricia Bullrich

While I was about to enter the meeting with the referents of Together for Change, Patricia bullrich He stopped to talk to C5N for a few minutes. It was at that moment when surprised Y position against Fabián “Pepín” Rodríguez Simón, the former advisor of Mauricio Macri who went into exile in Uruguay when I had to testify before the Justice in a cause for harassment and financial drowning Indalo Group.

This Tuesday, Interpol issued a red alert to capture Rodríguez Simón, with the aim of having him return to the country to appear for an investigation. Asked about this fact, Bullrich replied: “I believe that people have to appear in court. I believe so. When people have a problem with the Justice, they must come forward, because if these things don’t happen. I would have liked him to show up ”.

On the other hand, Bullrich was once again surprised when, when asked if he would prefer that she or María Eugenia Vidal appear as a candidate in the City of Buenos Aires, he replied: “Maxi Ferraro”. Anyway, then they asked him if he had meant it and he replied that he had not: “I told you because I was entering quickly.”

“It’s something I don’t want to talk about. I’m not going to talk about nominations today. I feel that at this moment talking about whether or not there will be internal, at a time when Together for Change is proposing that it is going to expand its base, the important thing has to be that message, which we are going to expand, we are going to invite many more people ”, added the president of PRO.

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Bullrich explained why he “loosened” with respect to the position he had held last week, when he confronted María Eugenia Vidal and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta: “I am not interested as president of the PRO to be discussing my place.” In any case, regarding whether she thinks of running as a candidate, she left the door open: “If you think of all the PRO leaders who have to go to an election, I think I’m in that team.”

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