Pissed Off: St. Peter Man Allegedly Pees Into Apartment of Downstairs Neighbor

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(St. Peter, MN) – A 57-year-old St. Peter man stands accused of peeing into the apartment of his downstairs neighbor, in an act of revenge.

Curtis John Stanley is charged with two counts of criminal damage to property.

According to the complaint, a man living in an apartment on North 5th Street in St. Peter called police on May 13th. He said he came home that day and found a hole in the ceiling of his bedroom and a wet spot on the carpet underneath. The responding police officer says the smell of urine was “overpowering.”

The officer then went to Stanley’s apartment directly above and found a hole in the floor that was hidden under an area rug. During questioning, police say Stanley admitted to making the hole, because he thought the victim had stolen his medications.

Stanley also claimed that it was water that he poured through the hole, but police believe it was actually urine.

The estimated costs for cleaning and repair total around $550.

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