Poachers: St. James Men Charged After Dead Doe Found in Park

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(St. James, MN) – Two men from St. James stand accused of illegally killing a deer, which was found in a Watonwan County Park.

Charged with using artificial lights to take wild animals are 35-year-old Kelly Gene Cole and 71-year-old Robert Joe Cords.

A DNR officer found the doe in Eagle Nest Park on December 10th. It had been shot with a bow and arrow, and its throat was cut.

Authorities say their investigation determined that Cole and Cords were driving through the park, spotted the deer and shined the vehicle’s headlights in its eyes, immobilizing the animal and Cole then shot it.

According to the complaint, Cole said he killed the deer because he was hungry, but they left it when they spotted another vehicle coming into the park.

The bow used was pawned in Mankato under Cords’ name and is now in custody of the DNR.

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Photo via pixabay.

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