Police Look Into Possible Khan Sighting in Shakopee, Confirm Previous River Search

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(Mankato, MN) – As the search continues for Wendy Khan, Mankato police say tips continue to trickle in, although not at the pace they did when she initially went missing.

One tip that was received this week was a possible sighting of Khan in Shakopee. Authorities note that it was not a “solid” lead, but they need to investigate every possible avenue for clues to her whereabouts.

Mankato police today also confirmed what SMT had previously reported, that the Minnesota River and other local waterways have been searched.

Police have also been looking for clues at locations outside of Minnesota, where Khan has previous ties. That includes Pennsylvania, where she had lived for a time before returning to Minnesota late last year.

And while authorities continue to label this as a missing persons case, they also say it’s “highly suspicious” for someone to disappear for this long “without leaving some sort of footprint in the sand.” According to family, there’s been no activity with Khan’s phone or bank accounts since she vanished in early June.

Mankato police say they can’t legally discuss the current arrest warrant in Blue Earth County for Khan’s boyfriend, which is for missing a court date on an unrelated matter.

The home he shared with Khan was searched in mid-June by the BCA. Mankato police say that search was beneficial, although they offered no other details other than to say it’s just as important to “rule things out as it is to rule things in” during the course of an investigation.

Khan was reported missing on June 3rd, two days after she was last heard from in a phone call with her daughter.

Her car, with a flat tire, was found abandoned four days later in the 200 block of Belle Avenue, not far from the CVS off of Madison Avenue.

Khan is described as 5’06” and 180 pounds, with green eyes.

Anyone with possible information is asked to contact the Mankato Department of Public Safety at 507-387-8780 or call 911.

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