Rating: Marcelo Tinelli relegated after the furor of “Doctor Milagro” and “MasterChef Celebrity 2”

Marcelo Tinelli

This Monday the rating rose up in flames. And it is that the most successful proposals of the open television faced in the night primetime. On one side of the ring he landed Marcelo tinelli with imitations in «ShowMatch The Academy» Y Telefe put «Doctor Miracle » Y «MasterChef Celebrity 2″ to incentivize competition.

Following the habit that he practically implemented since its premiere, Telefe’s Turkish novel left the post to Santiago del Moro with a floor of 21 rating points. Meanwhile “ShowMatch La Academia” had to settle for second place, making a maximum of 12 points in its moment of greatest live success.

With the semifinalists experiencing emotions on the surface of the intervention of their loved ones in «MasterChef», the most famous cooking cycle of today once again surpassed its own record and measured 24 points in the first half hour that it was on the air . In that sense, it is worth mentioning that it beat Canal Trece, doubling its figure.

«There are fewer and fewer participants. In order not to feel alone, today they are going to cook accompanied by neither more nor less than their families! ”, They promoted from the official Telefe account. And they added: “After shopping, family members will see the program from above And what do those who remain below with those ingredients?”

With a much louder tone than Telefe’s, “La Academia de Marcelo Tinelli” featured a strong release from Pampita towards Charlotte Caniggia: “You dance horrible, frightening, you’re in your worst season and I feel like you’re not rehearsing at all. You are disrespectful and rude for saying that we are a shit ».

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