VIDEO: Red Fox Found Frolicking Around Eagle Lake

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(Eagle Lake, MN) – A furry critter patiently waiting for spring like the rest of us has been spending its time of late in Eagle Lake.

A number of residents have seen the red fox frolicking through city streets, at the school playground and in their backyards. That includes Megan Burrows, who recently captured a video of the little guy/gal.

According to the Minnesota DNR, the red fox is a cousin to the dog and is common across Minnesota.  Red fox tend to be solitary animals and always hunt alone, mainly during twilight and evening.

The red fox eats rats and mice, rabbits, ground squirrels, birds, snakes, fish, insects, berries, nuts and seeds – and is one of the few predators that store food items for future use.

The red fox can run at up to 30 miles per hour and jump as far as 15 feet – farther than a kangaroo.

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Video courtesy of Megan Burrows.

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